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Very relaxing and appealing audio and colours

This has a very uncanny vibe and I love it

Probably the highest quality Lego stop motion I've seen. Made me chuckle, and the voice actors really sell the comedy.

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I can't believe they turned the end of Whiplash into a game

The sound effects and and animations are really fun - this is a really well made little minigame.

Really stylistic game. I love the attention to detail here - like how the music gets filtered when you pause. Would love to see this get expanded on!

Quite a fun and unique card game! And really well-polished. I'll probably be playing more of this.

A couple ideas:
Would be nice to have a setting (unless I've missed it) to adjust the speed of the animations. Also I've been disconnected a few times, so it would be nice in singleplayer at least to be able to carry on from where you left off when you reconnect.

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Very nice. I like how this evolves and builds up, and the way it slows down when it ends is really cool!

TaylorBlue responds:

Cheers! Glad you enjoyed :)

Brought here by the game WarpyWarp, this is really nice. Has a mystical kinda feel to it.

CaptainBoomcake responds:

wait what :D warpywarp uses this music? :D

I like it. The mix sounds really good on my headphones at least, and it makes the drums feel right at home. The way the melodies weave in and out of focus is very pleasing.
Maybe the percussion sample it ends on at 6:57 sounds a little unsettling to my ear but that's a minor niggle and it's probably just me.

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This style is so satisfying to look at for some reason

Certly responds:

My main goal thank you

Love the detail on the buildings

I make dinky little games and even dinkier little music for those games.


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